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Factory Wholesale Twill Woven Fabric For Pants Workwear Twill Canvas Tela Grey Dyed Fabrics

Cotton twill is a very classic medium thick fabric. Its materials are pure cotton and polyester-cotton, etc. The surface is relatively smooth and clean, and it is characterized by moisture absorption and wear resistance. It is widely used in casual clothing, widely used in the production of various fashions, workwear,pants, home textiles, etc. We’re a textile company  specializing in the production and wholesale of various specifications of cotton twill fabrics, such as 21*21,16*12,32*32 etc,. Stable quality and preferential price, and can be custom made any fabric as per client needs.

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Product Features:

1.Delicate texture,breathable and wear-resistant, durable fabric.

2.Material: cotton, polyester cotton, C,TC,CVC.

3.Thickness and weight can be customized as per customers require.

4.Can be customized printing and dyeing, factory sale price, ready stock.

5.Use: pants, uniform, aprons, work wears, hats, bags and shoes etc.,

Our company is mainly engaged in woven fabrics, pure cotton and polyester-cotton canvas, twill, gauze, poplin, lining etc. We’re our own factory and we can be customized fabrics according to customers needs, quality fabric with competitive price, welcome to contact us for get a quote.

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The twill fabric is khaki fabric, and its warp and weft yarns are single yarns. There are obvious twill on the front of the twill and the twill woven to the left, but the twill on the back is not very clear, so the twill is also called a single-sided twill fabric, and the cotton twill is the most widely used one has a flat cloth surface. Because it does not leave creases and is breathable, many casual pants are made of twill gauze fabrics.

The surface of the twill fabric is relatively smooth, the fabric is soft and stable, and the wear resistance is the main feature of the twill fabric, which is the first choice for sports and leisure clothing.

The purpose of the twill fabrics:

1.The casual pants mentioned above are more suitable for twillfabrics.In addition, twill fabrics are also suitable for making bags, shoes, hats, etc.

2.The twillfabric is generally thick and wear-resistant, suitable for the production of uniform, of course, it can also produce fashionable trench coats and coats.

3.Many trousers are made of twill gauze fabric, which is stronger and more practical than denim.

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