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Jute Cloth Fabric Factory Sale for Packaging Bags Sacks Gift Bag Wholesale

Jute belongs to the Linden family, the alternate name is: Collateral hemp, green hemp, pod head hemp. Jute fabric has many excellent characteristics, the fabric generally can not afford to ball, high strength, wear resistance. Jute is mainly used as packaging materials, the traditional packaging bag, shopping bags, gift bags, etc., are made of of jute fabric. Our company provide various fabrics in stock, welcome send us email for get a quote.

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Product Features:

1.Jute fabric is very wear-resistant and the fabric is not easily broken.

2.Can be custom made according to client needs, factory sale price, ready stock.

3.Use: packaging, shopping bag, gifts, mat, hemp rope, jute bags etc.,

Jute is an herb like flax. In addition to its high medicinal value, jute can also be used in the production of textiles such as sacks.

All aspects of jute fabric characteristics are very similar to linen, this fabric feel rough so this fabric is more used to produce packaging material.

Our company provide ready jute fabrics in stock, if you’re looking for it welcome to contact us for get more details.


Product Parameters:

Jute fabrics: weight 340gsm, width 114cm, suitable for making bags,sacks,gifts,rope etc.,


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