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The advantages of eco-friendly canvas bags

Date: 2021.07.12

The style of canvas bag is simple and fashionable, because of the simple style of canvas bag, cotton canvas bag is more versatile, suitable for a variety of different clothing collocations, I don’t know when it started, canvas bags have become mor...

How to clean canvas bags

Date: 2021.07.12

I believe that canvas bags are not unfamiliar to everyone, it is a kind of environmentally friendly tote bag, and this canvas bag is not disposable. It can be washed after use for the next use. If you discard it after using it once, So this goes a...

The 12th Osaka International Lifestyle Show

Date: 2021.07.12

The Osaka Expo has become the largest trade fair for daily necessities in the Kansai region of Japan. In 2019, Henan Xueyu Textile Co.,Ltd. participated in the 12th Osaka International Lifestyle Show, We displayed various reusable environmentally ...