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Plain Woven Fabric

Plain woven cloth is characterized by many interweaving points, firm texture, scratching, smooth surface, relatively light and thin, good abrasion resistance, and good air permeability. The plain weave fabrics produced and sold by our company are woven from high-quality yarns, including 100% cotton, poly-cotton, and polyester plain fabric. The plain weave yarn has many interweaving points in the fabric, which makes the fabric firm and firm. Compared with other fabrics of the same specification, it has better abrasion resistance, high strength, and the fabric surface is even and the front and back sides are the same.

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Product Features:

Strong wear resistance, high strength, eco-friendly, durable.
Material: cotton, polyester, poly-cotton, C, TC, CVC, T
Thickness and weight can be customized as per customers’ requirements.
Grey cloth or dyed, factory price, fast delivery.
Use: shoes, hats, gloves, luggage, handbags, tents, outdoor chairs, etc.

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The fabric woven with plain weave is called plain weave. That is the warp yarn and the weft yarn are interwoven once every other yarn, it refers to the yarn is one up and one down.

Denim cloth has a thicker surface than fine plain cloth, so it has excellent warmth retention and is suitable for the production of shirts, protective clothing, pants, shoes, and bags, etc.
The fine plain weave fabric is soft, delicate, and very comfortable. This type of cloth is mainly used to make tablecloths, aprons, spring and autumn outerwear, and other clothing.

This kind of fabric is strong and wear-resistant and can be used to make shoes, hats and bags, tents and outdoor chairs, etc. For example, plain canvas fabrics, Its biggest feature is that it is strong and can be reused for many years, and it is very environmentally friendly. Such fabrics can be dyed, printed, coated, and other processes. Wholesale high-quality plain fabrics with factory price. Should you are interested in any of our products please feel free to contact us.

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Product Parameters:

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