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The 12th Osaka International Lifestyle Show


The Osaka Expo has become the largest trade fair for daily necessities in the Kansai region of Japan. In 2019, Henan Xueyu Textile Co.,Ltd. participated in the 12th Osaka International Lifestyle Show, We displayed various reusable environmentally friendly products such as eco-friendly cloth bags, canvas bags, drawstring backpacks, laundry bags, gift bags, aprons, cosmetic bags, etc.
In Japan, shopping bags made of cotton materials have become the mainstream of reusable shopping bags. Cotton canvas bags have been greatly promoted.
People are used to bringing an eco-friendly bag when shopping, instead of using plastic bags anymore. Because, the canvas bag material is taken from natural cotton, which can be degraded and can be reused for many years.
At the show, we also introduced a variety of designs at the exhibition, contacted many local customers, and exchanged orders. In the Japanese market, canvas bags have become a way of life. We will continue to focus on making high-quality canvas bags.


1.What are the best products to replace plastic bags?
2.Are canvas bags environmentally friendly?
3.How to choose the material, style, and size of eco-bags?
4.Japanese-style cotton shopping bag.
5.Customized wholesale of canvas bags at a reasonable price.

the 12th osaka international lifestyle show