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Wholesale Cotton Nylon Spandex Stretch Poplin Fabric Elasticity Popeline For Clothing Shirts

The elastic poplin fabric is actually a textile fabric with a certain proportion of spandex added to the poplin fabric. Generally, the spandex content is about 3%. Spandex popline fabric is suitable for shirts, outerwear, skirts, pants etc., Our company can supply all kinds of high grade pure cotton, nylon and polyester cotton poplin, voile, gauze and lining fabrics, also can be custom printing and dyeing fabric according to client needs, with affordable and competitive price, welcome send us email for get a quote.

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Product Features:

1.Elasticity, various styles, difficult deformation faded and durable.

2.Material: cotton, nylon, poly cotton, C,TC,CVC

3.Thickness and weight can be customized as per customers require.

4.Can be customized printing and dyeing, factory sale price, ready stock.

5.Use: shirts, skirts, pants, work wears, lining, voile, gauze, penelope etc.,

Poplin is an important variety of cotton fabric, and its fabric feels delicate, belongs to the plain weave, and belongs to the high-density plain weave, the fabric is relatively thick.

Before, poplin fabrics were generally made of 100% cotton yarn blends. The characteristics of this kind of poplin fabrics are that they feel fine and silky, but they also have fatal disadvantages. The elastic rate is not high, and it is easy to deform. Therefore, in order to improve the shortcomings of traditional poplin fabrics, a certain proportion of spandex was added to the cotton yarn in the previous textile process to make the poplin fabric have a certain elasticity, which is now called elastic poplin fabric.

Features of Stretch Poplin Fabric:

1.Poplin fabrics are generally cotton fabrics, and elastic poplin fabrics will have 3% spandex, which makes the fabrics have a certain elasticity, and the rebound rate is also good. The fabrics will not be deformed after wearing for a long time.

2.Compared with traditional cotton poplin fabrics, elastic poplin fabrics have a wider range of applications and can be used to process various garments, such as trousers, skirts,shirtsetc.

3.Stretch poplin fabrics are also easier to process than cotton poplin fabrics.

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According to the different needs of customers, we can provide customized services such as printing and dyeing. Here is the sample color card for reference:

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